Attorney Questions

PLEASE THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING – as the answer might affect your case:

1.     Have you ever had your license suspended or revoked?

2.     Does your job require you to travel outside of the United States?

3.     Do you drive a company owned vehicle?

4.     Do you have to prove insurability to your company?

5.     Do you have any security clearance issues at work?

6.     What is your weight?  height? at time of arrest?  Any physical disabilities? Take any meds? 

7.     Any:  Diabetes / Hypoglycemia / Hyperglycemia / Gastric Reflux / Hiatal Hernia / Stomach Ulcers / Hepatitis

        Cirrhosis / Emphysema /  Lung Disorders ?

8.     Do you have a green card? temporary work visa?

9.     Do you have any type of state license? RN? Medical Doctor? LVN?  Dental Hygenist?

10.   Are you going through any type of child custody issues which could be affected by a DUI charge?

11.   Where were you standing when you did the field sobriety testing? Sidewalk? Dirt? Gravel?

12.   When the officer gave you the eye test were the patrol car’s flashing light activated?

13.   What type of shoes were you wearing?

14.   Were you advised by the officer that the roadside breath test was completely voluntary?

15.   Did the officer read you a Miranda Warning?  Did the officer ask you questions after that?

16.   Was your car towed? Did you talk to the tow operator?

17.   Did any officers make any comments to you regarding your sobriety? “you don’t seem drunk to me”

18.   Did you complete a breath test back at the police station? Were you told results?

19.   Did you give blood? Did you watch the blood draw? Did blood tech invert vial? Shake? Nothing?

20.   Did you sign any documents?

21.   Do you know if you were video taped?

22.   Did you refuse any of the test?

23.   Were there any children in the car? Are you charged with child endangerment?