Specialized Training

My specialized training in DUI Defense dates back 12 years when I first started defending those accused of Drinking and Driving. Below is a partial list of the advanced training that I have acquired to make me a leader in the field of DUI Defense.


** DataMaster DMT Training 7.5 hours (the breath machined used by Los Angeles County)

** 9th Annual DUI Seminar presented by MABA at Loyola Law School

** NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test Training 24 hours

** Owner of the Alco Sensor IV PBT ( roadside breathalyzer)

** Owner of the Drager AlcoTest 7410 ( portable evidentiary breathalyzer)

** Owner of NHTSA Sobriety Test Manuals ( the ones used to train police officers)

** Owner of the California Highway Patrol Drinking Driving Enforcement Manual

** Occupy San Diego DUI Seminar (2012)

** Scientific Articles relating to alcohol ( over 320 articles)

** Owner of nearly every DUI Practice Guides