Tim’s Success Story

Tim was accused of a 2nd time dui with a breath reading of .11. The CHP believed Tim failed all of the field sobriety test. At a jury trial the expert for the government stated that they believed Tim drank 14 beers. Here is the problem, it took the officers 4 hours to process Tim through the system and NOT once did Tim ask to use the restroom. How does a person drink 14 beers and not have to urinate? I also proved that that breath machine was not working as designed.

Here is what Tim wrote about our law firm:

When I received mu DUI I reached out to another lawyer I knew and he referred me to Patrick Silva based on his experience and reputation in the legal community. I believed I had a case and after reviewing the details Mr. Silva felt strongly in supporting me as well. My case was dismissed after going to trial. It was a very stressful situation for me and Patrick went above my expectations throughout the entire process. I found Mr. Silva to be very ethical, honest, and professional. The trial process was tedious at times and Mr. Silva is extremely confident and knowledgeable which made me very relieved to watch him work on my behalf. The Judge, court room staff, and even the DA all showed great respect for him. To the jury he came across as an advocate for justice. Mr. Silva never made me feel like my case wasn’t important. He was very responsive to my calls and kept me informed. I believe many attorneys will take your money, give you some weak advice, and get ready to move onto the next case, but Mr. Silva was extremely thorough and worked on the many details of my case until the very end. I was definitely happy he was on my side watching him work in the court room. I highly recommend Patrick Silva to anyone looking for an attorney and, although I don’t plan on ever needing his services again, he would be my first call without hesitation. He’s a worker and a fighter and has my respect for what he has done to help me and my family.